When your out on the trail with all your friends or family members be prepared to safely share your exhilarating experience with them. If you are lacking a Backseat and Roll Cage you may find yourself nervous to bring those extra passengers on the most exciting adventures! Can-Am Maverick Trail Back seat and Roll Cage Kit adds safe adventuring to your trip! UTV Mountain Accessories has developed a quick mount system so that preparation does not claim hours of your adventure time! With all stock mounts the kit requires no drilling into your Maverick Trail and after the first installation the Roll cage and Backseat is easily removed or attached within 20 minuets! Drive out on the trail knowing you have the added safety for your passengers so you can tackle your adventure! There is nothing holding you back!


RZR Universal Bench Seat

$ 800.00

This product is the answer to so many customer demands. A universal bench seat that can go in the front or backseat or you RZR. Best part is– you don’t have to take out the middle consoles either!!!

RZR 1000 / 900 Universal  Bench seat W/ three 4 Point harnesses
-One Rear Bench Seat Made of all Vinyl
-3 UTVMA 4 Point harness W/ Sewn in harness Pad and Chest Buckle
-All Mounting Hardware (Stock RZR Base Plate Needed But Not Included)
-Fits in the Front or Rear of any RZR 1000 2014-2019 / RZR 900 2015-2019 1000 / 
RZR 1000 &  RZR 4 1000 2014-2019 Turbo, Dynamix Front & Rear, RZR Turbo S 2018-2019  / RZR S 900, Trail 900 & RZR 4 900 2015-2019 Front & Rear  

Installation time on this bench seat is 60 minutes. No drilling or cutting is needed.

As your speeding through your adventure and reeling in the thrill, of course you want to include your whole family! With this Backseat and Roll Cage you will have room for your extra passengers, for their imagination and for their stories! The use of stock mounts allows our backseat with roll cage to require NO drilling or cutting into your RZR, and with a race inspired vehicle we know that the preparation must not exceed your adventure time therefore we have formulated a quick mount system for all our Backseat Roll Cage kits which allows the attachment or removal process to be accomplished within 20 minuets! (after first installation). With more passengers, more stories, more imagination, your adventures can create an alternate realm of reality!

General 4 1000  Rear Bench Seat

Change your General 4 1000  into a 5 Seater

Package includes:

– One Rear Bench seat made of all vinyl Comes in 4 Colors ( Please Choose one color below)

– 3 UTVMA 4 Point Harness with sewn in harness pad and chest buckle

– All Mounting hardware (this seat includes a 3 piece Console Delete Kit )

– Installation instructions

Other Information:

– Width of the bench seat:54 inches (Custom made just for the General 4 Back seat)

– General 4 1000 Rear bench seat must have aftermarket seat belts (the stock seat belts must be removed) ( 3/ 4 point harness are included in this package)  

–  General 4 1000 Rear bench seat has two head rests (as pictured) 

– You must have the 2 stock base plates off your to rear stocks seats 

-Install time is about 90 minutes

RZR Front  Bucket Seats 

  • Two bucket seat replacements seats
  • All mounting hardware (you will need the stock base plate)
  • Installation instructions


  • Made to match the rear bench seat
  • All of our seats are made from the highest quality material
  • Quick and easy installation and removal (no drilling – all stock mounts)
  • Best price and quality anywhere
  • Vinyl seats are durable and great for all weather conditions
  • Seat bottom is made so water will run out the back
  • Will work with stock seat belts or UTVMA 4-point harness (sold separately)
  • You will need plastic stock base plat to mount all out mounting hardware is included! 
  • These Bucket seat are where made to fit in the front seat of any and all RZR

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