TRACTIONATOR GPS $102.99 – $223.99 If you’ve got the right bike, got the gear, got the GPS; these tires are designed to get you anywhere on the globe and back home again. Long mileage, serious traction and smooth transition from pavement to gravel to dirt, the GPS does it all. Reversible rear to suit the rider’s needs – either 50/50 or Mostly Off-Road. In 50/50 direction the GPS is a well behaved street-able tire with smooth cornering transition from center to cranked all the way over. In Mostly Off-Road direction the aggressive straight line hook-up and cornering drive is engaged for better off-road traction. Stronger carcass construction than other 50/50 adventure tires provides world class performance with a high resistance to punctures Deeper tread than most adventure tires. Unique Hybrid compound with Silica for long mileage and optimum grip in mud and snow.