We believe Motoz tires are the best available. Why?

Better Rubber Quality.
We use the natural substance of traction – 100% natural rubber.

Innovative tread designs.
Our trademark “Terrapactor” principle works with the terrain by compacting and wedging it to help increase traction rather than just throwing it behind the bike.

Custom Construction.
Each series has different construction tailored to the application. High strength ply material achieves higher ply rating with less ply layers. Tractionator series is super heavy duty and has unique sidewalls and reinforcement to reduce punctures and pinch flats. Terrapactor series is light weight and has zones of rigidity and flexibility to maximize traction.

Easy to fit.
Better for service times.

Crown Radius Section (CRS)
Tailored to each application for better grip/wear ratio.

As a dedicated team of industrial designers and action sport enthusiast Zac Speed was founded in Melbourne Australia in 2003 with the single mission of designing the best backpacks possible for action sports. By new design we don’t mean more of the same, stick a logo on a backpack design, we don’t mean design over function, we mean looking for a whole new way of doing business from the ground up kinda new…. Design that works.

At Zac Speed we have been pioneers for over a decade in integrated protection and interchangeable components that greatly enhance a backpacks performance and capability. When you own a Zac Speed backpack you own a legacy of design innovation second to none.

To quote Charles Darwin “it’s not the most intelligent who survive but those who can best manage change”

Inspired by Riders – Built for Speed



*comes with standard harness



Haan Wheels produces complete wheels for the most popular off-road models. Like all other HONDA Wheels are built with the best quality parts available. This is proven due the fact that Haan Wheels has helped more than 35 riders to get their world championship titles and currently more than 50% of the field in world championship racing is using Haan Wheels.

Haan Wheels are build with our hubs that are 100% made in the Netherlands. This hubs are made from 1 piece billet 6082 T6 alloy on the newest CNC machines. Hubs are made to minimal tolerances and many years of testing in the field of motocross makes them a extremely strong and reliable hub.

The spokes we use to assemble the wheel are made from a special stainless steel mixture. This spokes have a 30% higher tensile strength and way less stretch as spokes used in original wheels. Due the stainless steel mixture the spokes keep there nice and shiny look when used in all weather and dirt conditions.

To complete the wheels we mount RK Excel A60 rims that are made in Japan. These rims are made of  7000 series alloy and are 15% stronger than the normal Excel rims.  The RK Excel rim keeps being the best, strongest and most used rim available on the market.

REX Wheels Motocross and Enduro wheels are assembled by professional and experienced wheel builders in the Netherlands.
Our wheel sets come with black rims and the colour of the hub according to the motorcycle brand. REX Wheels are available in 21×1.60 / 19×2.15 / 19×1.85 and 18×2.15 inch for most popular motorcycle brands.

Manufactured in The Netherlands.
Made from billet 6082 Alloy.
Latest CNC technology
Bearings, seals and spacer are included with the complete wheel set.

Rexfelgen is made by Excel Rim Co LTD.
Manufactured with top Japanese technology.

Made of strong stainless steel.
30% stronger than original equipment spokes.
The steel nipples have a special zinc coating that protects them against corrosion.

GRYYP offers a wide variety of tire puncture repair kits and accessories, ranging from tubed bicycle tires, motorcycle tube and tubeless tire repair kits, ATV tire repair kits and large automotive tire repair kits.

The best known and best reviewed product from GRYYP is its patented Cargol Turn & Go emergency repair kit, which features a tire repair plug shaped like a car key with a spiral threaded tire plug. You simply remove the object that had punctured the tire, screw in the Cargol Twist & Go and break off the key shaped top. Then it is just a matter of inflating the tire.

These kits are impressive and have gone through rigorous testing, passing both the ECE Reg. 75 High Speed Test and the DOT Endurance Test. The final test results went well beyond the DOT test running 70 hours at 160% load at 70 MPH, they logged 4220 miles with no loss of air.

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